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Albion Map Cipher

Albion Map Cipher is the secret message of developers, encoded on the map of Albion in Fable Anniversary.

As it is known, there was no map text in Fable: The Lost Chapters, but in Anniversary the map was widened and supplemented by the message (it consists of 2 blocks: 3 paragraphs in the first and 1 in the second).

The message is charactetized by many orthographic mistakes (which do not prevent understanding), also there are no punctuation marks.

Next you may read the translation to English (corrected and original; in Russian version of this page we also include Russian version). In the variant without mistakes all wrong and revised by redaction letter highlighted by bold font and lines broke down a bit differently and united into ended phrases (paragraphs are saved). Exprerienced translators will agree, that the text still contains disputable words, and how to translate them correctly is an open question (controversial, in our opinion, places marked by [c] symbol).

The message was gathered by FRC members Evgeny Zakkar and Torionel with using the picture of Albion alphabet, that was published before in side source by unknown person.

Original message without mistakes

1st paragraph

Map making takes more than a steady hand, it demands nerves of steel.

The modern map maker must track through hobbe infested forest, sail pirate controlled seas, battle bandits and Hollowmen, wasp queens and kraken.

Spy dangers meant no true map of Albion existed until John Steed undertook his journey across Albion drawing its hills and woods and recording its towns, ins, brothels and cheese makers.

2nd paragraph

Sadly John Steed never saw the success of his great work.

You're picture map of mighty Albion.

Shorty after completing the map John was killed in a duel, arising Brom the use of his angles over sextant.

It fell to John's wife Michelle to publish her in guide to Albion. This early publishing smash hat in perm invided the continent tien of worse word through the founding of Albion's cartographer guild.

3rd paragraph

This map is as close to the original as we could produce, and whilst there have also been many doubts cast on the it's accuracy.

Some claim the drawing of the kraken merely represents terror incognito and that John's constant told of the Sandgoose are the mere ravings of deluded mad man.

For now the picture map of mighty Albion remains Albion's most accurate piece of mapmading.

And we can only wonder what secrets hid between the covers of John Steed's uncompleted memoir?

John Steed wanderlust a traveller's guide to Albions brothels.

4th paragraph

You're picture map of mighty Albion by John Steed.

Be aware, traveller, this drawing is smaller than the real world, Oakvale and Barrrow Fields might look less than a chicken egg apart, but the actual road is several miles and about, (Прим. глав. ред. - возможен также вариант "above") forests, hills and monsters aren't (Прим. глав. ред. - or "are not", it doesn't matter.) scale neither, and some stuff might youre been added where it isn't on, and The River at the bottom is probably been stand.

Original message

Map making takes more than a steady
Hand it demands nerves ou steel the
Modern map maker must trek throudh
Hobbe infested vorest sail pirate
Controlled seas battle bandits and
Hollowmen wast qpeens and kraken
Spy dangers meant no true map of Albion existed until john speed under Took his journey across albion draw Ing its hills and woods and recording Its towns ins brothels and cheese makers

Sadly john steed never saw the succees
Of his greak work youre picture map
Of mighty Albion shorty after com
Pleting the map John was killed in a
Duel arising Brom the use of his
Urcles over sextart it fell to johns
Wife Michelle to puwlish her in guide
To Albion this early puflashand
Smash hat in purn invded the contined
Tien of wohns word throvdh the founding
Of Albions cartographer guild

This map is as elose to the original
As we could produce and whilst there
Have also been many doudts cast on
The its accuracy some claim the
Drawing of the kraken mereli repre
Sents terror ineoghito and that Johns
Constant tald of the sand goise are the
Mere ravings of deluded mad man for
Now the picture map of mighty Albion
Remains Albions most accurate piece
Of mapmading and we can only werder
What secrets hid between the covers of
John steeds uncompleted memoir John
Speed wander lust a travellers guide
To Albions frothels

Your pie ture map of mighty Albion by
John Steed be aware traveller this
Drawing is smaller than the real world
Oakvale and Barrrow fields might look
Less than a chicken egg aparat but the
Actual road is several miles and a but
Forests hills and monsters aren to
Scale neither and some stuff might youre
Been added where it isnt oh and the
River at the fottom is probably beer


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Material of fablegame.info, written by Torionel (translation and correction of mistakes) and Evgeny Zakkar (deciphering text from the map). You have to put the link to this page if you use some of the information above.