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Exporting textures from Fable Anniversary
Author: Torionel

This tutorial about saving graphics (pictures, textures, sprites, HUD icons) from Fable Anniversary. This task solves with Unreal Editor.

  1. Open Unreal Editor.
  2. By default you'll see Content Browser - exactly what you need.
  3. Left column have list with name Packages. Search textures in listed folders (for more comfortable work you may resize list scale).
  4. When you've selected folder with graphics you want to export (for example UI), you should find some package file with interesting name (let it be MiniMapImage_256 - folder with mini maps), right click on this file and click Fully Load. This action will download package content to memory and will let you browse it. Some folders are pre-downloaded by default.
  5. Is it what you have searched for? Ok, then go to window with package content (at right), click Ctrl+A (select all), click right button of the mouse and select Bulk Export to Folder (i.e. export from all package - all pictures to particular folder).
  6. In first popup window choose folder where you want to export textures. Don't forget to create separate folder if there are too many files, or they will pick up all free space :)
  7. In second popup window "Export groups to their own subdirectories?" select what you want.
  8. When export finished, you may close Unreal Editor.

Textures will have .tga extension, they need to be converted (for example, through online converter or special program like Format Factory). Some will have .T3D extension.

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