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Project Enhanced Mod (PEM)

Project Enhanced Mod is a global mod for Fable - The Lost Chapters, developing by the FRC team. Modification includes significant game improvements, as well as changed and new locations in Albion and the surrounding area.



The old regions will change and new ones will appear, the gameplay will become harder, also new types of food and potions will appear in that mod. Many regions that were shown by the developers, but were not included in the final version of the game, will be restored.



Beta 1.0 version of PEM mod is developing at the moment.



(There will be more images after the stable mod version release. Now see our VKontakte community.)


Interesting facts

  • the mod uses “cutted” files, which are saved in the archives of the game, but are not available in the release version;
  • the landscape of the Guild from Project Ego and the location "Dragon Cliff" have been already recreated in that mod.


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