Fable: Russian Community

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Fable: Russian Community

Fable: Russian Community (FRC) is the Russian and English language non-profit network association, connecting many Fable fans. Established in 2013, includes more than 10 thousand Fable fans mainly from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Georgia and other Post-Soviet countries.

FRC's Mission is to contribute growth of Fable Fandom in the Runet (and other parts of the Internet), providing excellent game journalism of our redactors, newsmakers and translators (primary genres are news, articles and references), creativity of modders and effective Public Relations with our auditory.

The Goal of Association - support and strengthening of the Fable brand (on a non-commercial basis).

Main principles: voluntariness, keenness of the Fable universe, equality in solving problems of fan-base development, intergration of fans, general strategy of growth, protection of FRC's members.

How to communicate

Foreign users may use FRC's official site or VK.com public and personal pages to communicate with us. Many FRC's members speak English and would be glad to talk about Fable series :)

FRC's members

FRC consists of more than 10 000 Fable fans, the Team, several media, working groups and the Security Service.

FRC Team are Alexey Skok, Nikita Asykoff, Alexander Rusak, Torionel, Evgeny Kolesnikov, Egor Sychov, Evgeny Zakkar, Roman Kropotov, Igor Krotov, Dmitry Matsienko, Dementor Key,  Evgeny Kostenko, Timur Titov, Daniil Pavlov, Anna Beresneva, Andrey Kot, and Evgeny Kryzhny.

For now there are following media resourses and working groups in the association:

Full members media

Honorary members media

FRC's working groups

  • Working group on Fable 4
  • Working group on Project Ego Mod
  • Working group of Endless Horizons
  • Working group of FRC Production

FRC's projects

Our projects:

Site team*
Evgeny Kolesnikoff (Torionel)
Profile Fable 2, Fable 3, Albion's geography
Contacts  http://vk.com/id282342185
Egor Sychoff (JackS909)
Profile Fable TLC (Anniversary), Fable 2, treasures, Fable secrets
Contacts  http://vk.com/eds99

*There are only active members of FG Team. FRC's Administration consist of much more amount of people. All FRC's moderators automatically become Junior FG Redactors.