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Russian Fable - The Lost Chapters Modding Guide
(and Introduction to modding of Fable Anniversary)

by fablegame.info.
Project Leader - Torionel.
Modders of our site: Altaris, Imperator, Andy777, [SeVaPeR], Raistlin, Alexey Skok (SKOK), Nikita Asykov and others.

Fable Modding - is a creating mods (modifications) for this game. Today we have big potential to create Fable mods (mainly for Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary).
Fable mods is one of the best ways to vary the game and make it more interesting. Using our guide, which has been written by the most experienced modders, you'll be able to change your game world beyond recognition.

This Fable Modding Guide is the part of "FRC Research" and "FRC Academy" projects. You may also read this on Steam.

We support feedback with our dear readers. If you have a question about Fable Modding, you may write to every modder you want or to FG's Chief Editor Torionel.

  1. Modder's Code of Ethics
  2. Modder's Dictionary
  3. What we can change in the game
  4. What you shall do before learning how to mod
  5. Programs for Fable TLC Modding
  6. Game files structure
  7. OBJECT ID's in game files
  8. Traders inventory ID's in game.bin (CShopDef) [TRANSLATED]
  9. Quest ID's in game.bin (CQuestDef) [work in progress]
  10. New def.xml for CBox [work in progress]
  11. New tngdefinitions.xml for CBox [work in progress]
  12. Adding files and objects
Chapter I. Base skills.
  1. Launching CBox on Steam-version of the game
  2. Using of FableShop trainer
  3. Standard Installation of mods (installation of .fmp-files)
  4. Standard Installation of textures
  5. Working with FinalAlbion.wad: unpacking/export/import/installing mods
  6. Saving mod (into .fmp and .big files)
Chapter II. Game.bin Editing.
  1. Changing Hero's title / structure of titles
  2. Hero's falling nearby explosions
  3. Changing damage in fist fighting
  4. Removing scars and bruises
  5. Editing Hero's age
  6. Changing weather in locations
  7. Playing another Heroes / changing the color of Hero's eyes (method of ID replacement)
  8. Changing quest rewards
  9. Changing house price
  10. Changing melee weapon damage
  11. Changing range weapon damage
  12. Changing range weapons shots
  13. Increasing the number of weapon augmentation slots
  14. Invisible weapon when it's sheathed
  15. Changing armour parameters
  16. Making of armour sets
  17. Adding things into Hero's inventory
  18. Changing weapons of CREATURES
  19. Adding visual effects to any weapon
  20. Changing the number of keys to open chests
  21. Deletings effects of age/Hero's character, changing the size of Hero's body parts
  22. NPC factions
  23. Changing creature in "Summon" spell
  24. Changing the ghost sword to creature
  25. How to make two-hand weapon single-hand
  26. Location's position on the Albion's map
  27. Changing Hero's camera (zoom+, zoom-)
  28. Making of new gesture
  29. Making of new Trader: Part I [work in progress]
Chapter III. Levels Editing (FinalAlbion.WAD and "Levels" folder).
  1. Basics of level scripting
  2. Changing locations in CBox
  3. [VIDEO] Changing locations in CBox
  4. Merging locations
  5. OBJECT's render distance
  6. Chest spawning / chest script
  7. Creating fishing and digging spots via CBox
  8. Creating experience pedestals
  9. Teleporter spawning via CBox (easy method)
  10. Teleporter spawning via CBox (hard method) / teleporter script
  11. Point of teleportation spawning
  12. Teleports (passage through town gates)
  13. Trader spawning
  14. Making of new Trader: Part II [work in progress]
  15. Bodyguard spawning
  16. Bard spawning
  17. Invisible borders editing
  18. Using of sections / repeating quests
  19. Places of Hero spawning in locations
  20. Spawning fire and other graphic effects
  21. Town spawning
  22. Making of Cut-scene Camera: Part I [work in progress]
  23. Changing atmosphere in the locations (enviroment sound) [work in progress]
Chapter IV. Text.big Editing.
  1. Changing of Fable texts
  2. Exporting/importing dialogues
Chapter V. Textures.big Editing.
  1. Changing of textures
  2. How to change colour of Hero's eyes (method of textures replacement)
Chapter VI. Script.bin Editing.
  1. Cutscenes modding
  2. Using markers
  3. Changing the reward for passing Guild Exams with "A" mark
  4. Making of Cut-scene Camera: Part II [work in progress]
Chapter VII. Graphics.big Editing.
  1. Landscape changing and levels widening
  2. [VIDEO] Lanscape and ground modding
  3. Why CBox doesn't show internals of houses
  4. One technique of spawning trees
  5. List of vegetation models [TRANSLATED]
Chapter IX. Frontend.big Editing. [WIP]
Chapter X. Frontend.bin Editing. [WIP]
Chapter VIII. Miscellaneous. Editing.
  1. Splash-image changing
  2. Your music
  3. Your voice-over [in work]
  4. Your own tattoos in Fable TLC
  5. Transfering your Hero into any save
  6. Installing saves of another player
  7. Creating NPC with dialogs
  8. Introduction to Fable Anniversary Modding
  9. Unreal Editor in Fable Anniversary
  10. Exporting textures from Fable Anniversary [TRANSLATED]
  11. FAQ: Fable games engine

Material of fablegame.info, written by Torionel. You have to put the link to this page if you use some of the information above.