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Fable 4

logo by Roman Kropotov

Type Unknown
Developer Unknown
Publisher Supposedly: Microsoft Studios


Supposedly: PC, Xbox One
Release Date Unknown

Fable 4 is the unreleased game from the Fable series. Despite its number, it will actually be not the fourth part: the number shows rather to expected continuation of events after Fable 3, Fable: The Journey or before Fable 1 (Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary), and in such order of count spin offs of the series are not considered. Fable Legends would have become our Fable 4, but many fans haven't admit the format of that game, wishing to continue "usual" RPG-Fable. Some fans prefer to call this part Fable 5.

Growing expectations

FRC's team actively tracks social media on the subject of players expectations, and the conclusion is obvious: people wait for the release of the new Fable game, which would be the worthy continuation of the series. Many of assumptions, guess-works and even claims to the developers are pointing on this. According to our counts, it is guaranteed to sell not less than 2 million copies, but the devs keep silent.

Supposed plot

Fans debate, which would be the fourth part of the game; after all, we haven't explored the whole of the Albion. We have many opinions, but who will decide to combine them?

In the boundaries of our project FanForFable4 (or, shortly, 4F, hashtag #FanForFable4) we have tried to reconstruct the concept of the game in the look that are the most expectative by fans.

#FanForFable4 project (4F)

#FanForFable4 is the research and communicative project of the FRC union, aimed to association of the fan movement to release of the Fable 4, as well as study of the opportunities of its creation. The project assumes the integration of multimedia content (texts, graphics, sounds and videos), created by the most skilled and talented fans of the game.

Project's initiators are Igor Krotov, Torionel, Roman Kropotov and other members of the FRC. 4F means the engagement of the highest possible number of  scriptwriters, artists, musicians, 3D-modellers and modders, that are interested in the release of the game.

In order of realization of the #FanForFable4 project in structure of the FRC have been created the working group on Fable 4, which including 9 experts, and developed the Strategy of Fable Resurrection, which describes various aspects of project's promotion (media list, KPI's and so on).

The official hashtags of the project in social media are #FanForFable4, #Fable4, #FableToLive, #4F.

Below you may first find out the general results of the project (the data updates), and then the particular game concepts and its specific aspects.

General information

Inside the #FanForFable4 project we generalized expectations of players and analytical information, concerning the period, characters, creatures, locations and developer of Fable 4.


The plot of the coming game are usually being linked either with the future of Albion (after The Journey, before Fable 3), or with the past (the time of the Old Kingdom, before Fable 1, after the fall of the Old Kingdom), or with the periods between the parts of the game (let us say, between Fable 2 and Fable 3).


The main protagonist of Fable 4 are usually seen as Hero, that are unlikely to happen in the future of Albion, but possible in its past (i.e. before the disappearance of the dynasty with blood of Heroes). Some offers express wishes to make the main character non-Hero, but usual man, who has been given some abilities or just has appeared in right time and place; such example has been existed in the series, it is Gabriel from Fable: The Journey. Furthermore, the plot may be twisted in the way that Theresa commited a mistake, saying about the end of the Age of Heroes (according to this logic, Heroes are actually existing and they will suddenly show up somewhere in unexprected place, for example it could be another Peter Parker in one of high schools).

Some players suggest to make the protagonist evil, and thereby popular variants are ideas to appoint Scythe or Reaver as a main Hero.


As a rule, players suggest to use either already existing canonical creatures or brand new ones. The first category consists of the creatures, that we have seen in the game (i.e. balverines) and those, which are only mentioned (platinum troll, sirens).


On this point the suggestions are generally following:

  • to give players the opportunity to explore another Albion's regions, which have not been presented in the series;
  • to return newborn locations from Fable games, showing their progress or prehistory;
  • to transfer the setting into other islands (Aurora, Samarkand, Witchwood, The Northern Wastes etc.).


In connection with the closing of the Lionhead Studios people suggest various versions on the topic of who will be entrusted by Microsoft to develop new Fable. The palette of decisions commonly includes the range of known studios, that already have made RPG games before (for example Bioware).

Game concepts

Players give a lot of ideas about possible ways of game world to progress. Diversity of concepts obviously signify, that the world of Fable has the direction to evolve towards.

Inside the #FanForFable4 project we have created 7 game concepts (authors' style is saved):

Inside the #FanForFable4 project we have drawed 52 concept arts, 1 song and 1 teaser trailer. We are also open to publish your works!

Works of artists

Currently there are several artists, inspiring by the Fable universe and drawing Fable concept arts, that could become the basis of Fable 4:

Igor Krotov - russian artist, leading theme of arts are Cossacks of Fable. Member of #FanForFable4.  
Roman Kropotov - russian artist, draws fan-art. Member of #FanForFable4.      
Glenn Quigley - artist, draws fan-art.
Federica Tocci - artist, draws fan-art.
Jonathan Standing - artist, draws fan-art.  
Nick Bray - artist, draws fan-art.
BlueTwin - artist from Netherlands, draws fan-art.
Sigisfeld - artist, draws fan-art.


  • the primary fact is that fans of Fable 4 still wait for the game;
  • just before open of every big videogames exposure always arises the gossip, that Fable 4 will be announced soon;
  • it is well-known that Lionhead Studios thought about variants of creation of Fable 4;
  • the name of the game has two popular writings: Fable 4 and Fable IV.  Fable IV is more right, that one was used in official logos of Fable 2 and Fable 3;
  • in the FRC and another Fable fans communities actively progresses Fable modding (this is a kind of "sublimation" of hopes to release of Fable 4);
  • release of Fable 4 may be compared with not less hot wish of fans to see Fable 2, ported on PC;
  • there is the active petition for the release of Fable 4 on Xbox.com (what is more, it is not single, but particularly this is the major);
  • Lionhead Studios was closed by Microsoft on 29 November 2016;
  • Peter Molyneux, who left Lionhead in March 2012, found the 22Cans studio; another three ex-colleagues of him established the Flaming Fowl Studios (developes Fable Fortune);
  • Fable 4 have possibly had to become darker RPG in style of Victorian Albion [original news];
  • the creator of the Fable series Peter Molyneux claimed in 2016 in the interview to Eurogamer portal (the article "Lionhead: The inside story"), that he would like to make Fable 4;
  • on 20 August 2017 Phil Spencer written in his Twitter, that Fable series are not dead (похоже, that afterwards this tweet was deleted);
  • in October 2017 Shennon Loftis, the General Manager of the Microsoft Studios Publishing, in the interview to Gamespot portal expressed her love to the Fable series and wish to resurrect it;
  • in January 2018 from different sources has appeared rumors about development of the Fable 4. On 6 January of 2018 ex-Lionhead worker Don Williamson has written in his Twitter that he knows who is the developer of the game, and then deleted his tweet. On January 7th of 2018 Charles Edwards described in his Twitter his own concern about coming Fable 4. As it appears, the Playground Games studios has became the developer of the game.



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