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Torionel, FG Chief Editor

This page contains Fable 4's game concept of user Torionel, that is prepared inside our #FanForFable4 project.

Game concept

My concept transfers the plot into the future of Albion. I noticed, that authors of ideas about Fable 4 use this epoch with prudence, because it has some uncerntainty: Heroes are gone away, magic made a legend and the Kingdom itself after Fable: The Journey are close to the stage of developed industrialims and, similarly, to conventional "XX century".

Developers shouldn't be scared of this. The idea to make game in past hides much more weakness than it is accepted to consider. Conversely the future of Albion may be made not so gloomy, how it represents by the majority of fans after Theresa's revelation about fading away of the Heroes kind.

Instead of avoiding industrial Albion it might become the core on game concept, after all some miracles happen even in big cities. Theresa was wrong, because family of Heroes have not end its exist, but it was dreaming as long as it had to dream (when the divination had been given, the seeress already was under influence of the Void and was not located in The Spire, which strengthened her abilities before that).

The beginning of the plot shows us visit of students-historians from Royal University of Bowerstone excavations of the ruins of the Heroes Guild, interest to which has grown in last time (I mean Albion time) after the end of war and due to the progress of ethnographic surveys in the Albion Republic, which related with travellings of the army into several neighbouring countries, in which soldiers meet with another cultures closer.

One of students, John Sealls, for whom we play, wants to make an impression on group of his classmates, which do not really respect him, but he accidentally falls in one of digging places of the career, which is located on part of territory of the former Bower Lake, from which now remained no one trace. Likewise, the disappearance of young archeologist no one, by sheer fortuity, do not detect.

When our protagonist sweeps with crying down along a natural underground tunnel (that is, likely, appeared on account of movement of underground waters) and comes down somewhere, he gets an opportunity to look around, because in his pocket lies a flashlight, given by professor. Below John finds the Chamber of Fate - the dilapidated shrine of the Guild, in which Jack-of_Blades was defeated and in which Hero of Bowerstone passed the initiation.

Wandering around Chamber and deciding what to do next, John stands onto the abilities pedestal, which awoke forces of Sparrow 200 years ago. Pedestal immediately illuminates with fires of Strength, Skill and Will, awakening a blood of descendant of great Heroes of Ancientry, who finds the path up, but leaves Chamber of Fate as another man...

Creatures: Zlotnik, surgeon-barber (Chief Editor's Notation - the character created in collaboration with Roman Kropotov)

Inborn barber and surgeon, he offers more than just haircut and shaving. Also he provides lessons of massage and his own drugs from harmful to heady. He does this with smile and enthusiasm, that is why many people consider him crazy.

He has subtle body features, his face are hidden by mask. His white hair are always with необычной причёской. He is graceful, because he is classical Hero of Skill. His belt hides dozen of various knifes, by which he can do anything he wants! Moreover, Zlotnik is excellent alchemist, that is able to boil battle potion, perfume or the best wine in the world.

His thin soul gravitates rather to good side, but from time to time his deeds seem to be deeds of psychopath.

Creatures: technotroll

In game exist varied species of trolls, some just mentioned as extinct. Так как in my concept action happens in the future, so creatures also had got some changes. In particular, Reaver Industries created hybrid of troll with mechanism, whereby appeared frightful and almost invincible creature. In the process of demonstration a few technotrolls, destined for selling to rich albion citizens, escaped from the factory, and now do atrocities all over republic (for now nobody could manage with them).

Art drawn by Igor Krotov.

Externally technotroll отличает huge stature (с пятиэтажное building), eight red eyes and four hands (the half of hands are mechanical). В целом mechanical "обновления" затронули more верх of body, so peculiar mix of flesh and details makes this creature more terrible.

Creatures: witches of Witchwood

The game does not reveal, why Witchwood are called exactly so. За кадром осталось то, how many witches have been lived here: only one very scary (enough scary to give the name to the whole region) or plenty of them. What is the forest called so not just?

Art drawn by Igor Krotov.

According to my idea, deep in the forests of the Witch Island exists the village of sorceresses. They don't like people, but loyal to each other (even so they are sorely egoistic all the same). Inhabitants and guests of the Island are afraid of them, because witches like to catch travelers, that going over the roads, and kidnap local occupants straight from their homes under cover of night. Nobody have got back from Witch Village, but rumours are in the air that people there are either turned in slaves or, what is more likely, are eaten.

Witches have some abilities of Will, but their spells differ from those, which are in use of Heroes of the Guild. Also they are able to prepare variety of potions and poisons, that help them punish with people.

Material of fablegame.info, written by Torionel. You have to put the link to this page if you use some of the information above.